Latex Mattress in Oxnard

Why a Latex Mattresses?
Latex mattresses are prized for the quality feel, renewable material, and eco-friendly design.
More Latex Beds better for you and better for the environment
  • Made from natural tree sap
  • Ecologically and environmentally sound
  • Bouyant feel
  • Cooling properties
  • We have fully researched the mattresses and offer you the best options available

Sleeping on a Latex Mattress will change you

Beds Unlimited is a leading retailer of latex mattresses to Oxnard California. With a professional staff that works to ensure your mattress fits your needs precisely it is no wonder we sell so many latex beds in Oxnard.

First, our mattresses are made with Natural Talalay Latex Rubber. Latex rubber starts as sap from the Hevea Tree. The process to make the Latex Rubber is Oeko-Tex compliant (Europe’s highest environmental consumer product standard.) This standard ensures it is free of harmful substances or chemicals and has no solvents that can damage the ozone layer. From a carbon footprint standpoint, the majority of our assembly facilities are tangent to a Latex International Latex Cutting Facility, This means trucks do not haul mattress cores from a Latex Plant to our assembly facilities. A semi does not carry a great quantity of mattresses so reducing this step saves you cost and makes our operation more efficient and is good for the planet.

There are a number of latex mattress brands available and shopping for the right one for you can be mind numbingly frustrating. At Beds Unlimited we take a different approach to the entire process. Rather than doing the “Going out of Business” and “Fire Sale” pricing we approach you the same as we would a family member or friend. Rather than sell the most profitable mattress we can we work to match your needs and budget with the right mattress for you. Stop by and experience the difference first-hand.

Natural Talalay Latex Rubber is an incredibly healthy component for a mattress. If it is built without many other materials on top of it, all by itself, it is:

  • Naturally Breathable which dissipates body heat
  • Mold and Mildew Proof which can provide an allergen free environment
  • Dust Mite Resistant which can prevent runny noses, nasal congestion or asthma attacks caused by dust mite manifestation
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal which may reduce the spread of bacteria
  • Naturally HypoAllergenic because it does not produce toxic off-gases
  • Extremely resilient and durable for lifetime performance

Free delivery of your new latex mattress to Oxnard CA ensures that your satisfaction is job one. Stop in and discover the advantages of natural latex for your sleeping surface.