Chattam & Wells Mattresses

Now Aireloom Mattresses

In 2004 Chattam & Wells owner bought the struggling at the time brand of Aireloom and built an empire of quality hand made mattresses with the brand name. Today Aireloom is the highest quality hand made mattress from the makers of Chattam & Wells.

Aireloom is an environmentally friendly company using organic cotton, bio-based foams, latex, and sustainable forest lumber. The new Platinum Preferred collection is quite amazing from the open chamber technology to the outer tufts, Lux tops and attention to detail.

Experience Heavenly Sleep

For many years Chattam & Wells has been the standard for luxury mattress craftsmanship. The new
exclusive Chattam & Wells mattress collection uses the finest quality materials crafted by hand, with uncompromising detail to deliver luxurious and blissful sleep. This old world craftsmanship is combined with the latest in pressure-relieving technology to create a Chattam & Wells mattress.

Chattam & Wells exclusive 5-zone Conforma™ spring design reduces pressure to the shoulder and hips. Next they add extra support for the lower back and lumbar. The mattress is then foam encased for stability and extra edge support. A thick layer of 7-zoned memory foam placed on top of the springs provides the sleeper both individual and body contouring support.

Nature’s Best Upholstery Materials

  • Silver infused fabrics reduce static electricity and repels dust mites
  • Certified JOMA wool is a natural anti-wicking material for better air flow
  • Cashmere in the Catherin model is the ultimate natural insulator
  • Generous amounts of Talalay latex to significantly reduce body pressure

Hand Crafted Luxury

Quality of upholstery materials is important, so too is craftsmanship in the making of every Chattam & Wells mattress. Inner-Tufting was once a staple of luxury mattress design. This process minimizes shifting or bunching resulting in better performance and life expectancy of the upholster layers. Today, only a select few companies, like Chattam & Wells, take the time or expense to inner-tuft their upholstery materials throughout key zones of the mattress.

Knowledge and Comfort

Beds Unlimited in Brentwood, Northridge, Canoga Park, and Agoura Hills California has a wide selection of Chattam & Wells brand mattresses for you to test and compare. With our no pressure sales environment you are sure to find the right mattress for years of comfortable rest.