Aireloom Mattresses – The Last True Hand-Made Mattress!

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Aireloom Mattresses

Aireloom is the leader in manufacturing luxury mattresses. Aireloom’s unique and innovative designs create relief, luxury and support for their customers. The Aireloom mattress is handmade (using E. S. Kluft’s PATENTED designs), which means Aireloom is the last true handmade luxury mattress in America. With hand-tied foundations, English outer and inner tufting, and hand-stitched side walls all done by skilled artisans, Kluft’s mattresses truly separate his fine quality product from others.

Aireloom sells a full line of Hand Made mattresses. Beds Unlimited in Northridge, Agoura Hills, and Canoga Park and Brentwood stock the line of Aireloom mattresses. Stop in to test the different models to determine which is right for you.

Today’s Aireloom mattress designs conform to your body. They use unique constructions, mattress motion dissipation, and optimum pressure relief to provide a mattress that is able to adapt and support the sleeper resulting in a more restful and undisturbed sleep.

Aireloom is the ONLY company that has been able to achieve a truly better way to build a mattress. Having been awarded a U. S. patent for mattress design, E. S. Kluft (or Aireloom) is the only manufacturer to achieve this new improved mattress design.

Better Health

A better sleep means a healthier sleep. Aireloom mattresses allow natural air ventilation & temperature regulation for a more steady sleep.

Peace of Mind

Eco-friendly materials minimize gas emissions that may pose a risk to human health in an Aireloom Mattress.

Aireloom U.S. Patents

Aireloom Mattresses were awarded 4 U.S. Patents for specialized mattress designs – including a Chiropractic Lumbar Body Mattress & Edge Support concepts.

Handmade Luxury infused with nature Aireloom mattresses are an environmentally friendly company using organic cotton, bio-based foams, latex, and sustainable forest lumber. The new Aireloom Platinum Preferred collection is quite amazing from the open chamber technology to the outer tufts, Lux tops and attention to detail.

Aireloom Platinum Preferred Collection Consist of:

  • Ultra Conforming Tencel® Knit top panel with 100% cotton mattress border
  • Patented Open Chamber or Lux top design with a barrier free construction enabling the coils to give greater conforming and support
  • Tufted by hand through all the layers of the mattress
  • Silk/wool fibers
  • Talalay Latex Layers
  • Adjustable friendly
  • Tempered pocketed coils
  • Plush Aireluxe foam
  • PillowFlex over Convoluted foam backed with 100% cotton True-stretch tricot
  • Depending on model varying layers of temperature regulating Celsion Latex
  • Heavy duty foam edge support

Platinum Preferred Collection

By Aireloom

Luxtop Plush

Aireloom Mattresse Luxtop Plush

Starting At

Luxury Firm


Starting At

Luxury Extra Firm


Starting At

Telluride Plush

Aireloom Mattress telluride

Starting At

Telluride Firm

Aireloom Mattress telluride

Starting At

Sequoia Euro Top Plush

Aireloom Mattress Sequioa

Starting At

Redwood Cushion Firm

Aireloom Mattress Redwood

Starting At